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Join the Movement through Media or Music: We are recording our original song entitled One Gospel Every Nation during our Spring Conference and ministering it during our Summer Convention. It is a collaborative effort of several artists to minister the gospel and raise funds for missions. 

International Inclusion: Striving to include international constituents in our programming and offering a platform for diverse voices to be heard is our goal. We are planning focus groups to better understand the need and address it in a more effective way. Sign up to be a part of a focus group or offer suggestions today!

Building Income Generating Sustainable Works:  Extending a Hand Through Housing, Agriculture, Aquaponics, Medical Relief, Economic Empowerment, and Training and Education is our humanitarian focus. Our goal is to develop works that generate real income streams for the communities we serve. If you have expertise in any of these areas and want to serve as we plan and develop, please let us know by signing up to help!


Youth Connection: Establishing a Youth Connection to International Missions that creates global opportunities, awareness, and paradigm expansions that will position young people for global ministry and careers. Giving young people an opportunity to lead and participate in missions crusades, global training, and careers. Interested? 

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