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Kenya District Council 47

DIOCESAN  Kevin  Mahon Harrison 


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Bishop Kevin M. Harrison...He is one of the “Sons of Grace”, being under the tutelage and leadership of Bishop David L. Ellis, the late pastor of Greater Grace Temple (City of David) of Detroit, Michigan.  Bishop Ellis recognizing Pastor Harrison’s gift to minister, sent him in 1992 to the city of Thomasville, Georgia, where the ministry thrived with great success.  He was the pastor of Life, Power and Praise Apostolic Church until he received the call to pastor the Gethsemane Apostolic Church of God in September 2008.


Bishop Harrison received certification in Leadership Development and Youth Ministry from Princeton Theological Seminary.   Bishop Harrison also received his certification in Leadership and Executive Business Management from the Mendoza School of Business at the University Of Notre Dame.   While pastoring in the state of Michigan, he also served as a District Elder in the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW) organization in which he governed the spiritual and leadership direction of 11 churches.  In 2011,  Bishop Harrison instituted the Southeastern Michigan Apostolic Bible Institute and served as its President. The institute is a satellite of the PAW Aenon Bible College and has trained over 100 ministers who received their credentials with the Northern District Council and their license through the PAW. 


During his tenure in the state of Georgia (1992-2008),  Bishop Harrison worked tirelessly in the Thomas County community. His vision of reaching out to the lost allowed him to pioneer activities within the community such as:


  • Brokering a partnership between the Morehouse School of Medicine and the Life, Power and Praise Apostolic Church.  Implemented were programs that targeted at-risk teens and counter-social behavior with the emphasis on education regarding teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and peer pressure as well as rites of passage programs for African American males 12 to 18 years old.

  • The first Thomas County gun buy-back program.

  • The first Thomas County program which allowed incarcerated, non-violent offenders “Sunday only” parole to attend church services.

  • The first African American church in the city’s history to purchase 24 acres of prime land worth an estimated $2,000,000 on one of Thomas County’s busiest thoroughfares.


Bishop Harrison serves the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World on the national level as the Assistant to the Chairman of Ecclesiastical Protocol as well as Adjutant to the Board of Bishops.  He has a passion for teaching and training in leadership and has done so for the past 7 years to churches of all sizes. His leading seminars are entitled, “Would I Follow Me?” and “Who Is On Your Bus”. These comprehensive seminars are designed to strengthen leadership skills by helping participants to discover both relational and managerial skills.


On  Friday, February 7, 2014, Kevin M. and Deborah D. Harrison consented to become Pastor and First Lady of the historic Grace Apostolic Church of Indianapolis, Indiana.  Bishop Harrison is truly a 21st Century leader.


He is the loving husband of Deborah and they have been married for 46 years. From this union he has four sons and one daughter all baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost. District Elder Harrison also has one older daughter Tekedra.


If there were three phrases to describe Bishop Harrison’s approach to serving the congregation, they would be; Love God, Love God’s people  & Love yourself. All of the above-mentioned being seen and demonstrated through the lens of apostolic truth and practices. 

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