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There are many schools in several countries  supported by  the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World . Among them the Haywood Learning Institute  stands out as one of the largest and oldest schools in Liberia West Africa . Many of the schools in several countries needs  supplies , teachers, books computers and so much more. The PAWIMD  continues to help foster growth through education . Working with  bishops and staff across the globe to  implement  modern technology and change. With your support we can lead the way to sound educational development that shape the future of impoverished communities.

Soul Winning & Miracle Healing Crusades: Jesus and his disciples ministered to the multitudes by preaching the good news, feeding the poor, and healing the sick. Preaching the gospel around the world is our mandate. There is only gospel and we are taking it to every nation. If you feel a call to participate in a crusade, God can use you in a mighty way. If you go, He will go with you. Whatever you do for God can be used. Sign up to participate in a crusade today!

Haywood Mission Institute is a Christian institution which was founded in 1931 by Mrs. Manogna (M.C.) Bennette of the Vai ethnic group: who was taken away from Liberia at a very young age as a slave to the United States of America.
Mrs. Bennette grew up in the bowels of slavery, married, bore and reared her children, and became a devout Christian.

Mrs. Bennette, a former slave, had a burning desire to one day return to her native land-Liberia to contribute to her people. In 1931 Mrs. Sarah Barclay, wife of former Liberian president Arthur Barclay, went to the United States of America. During this visit to the U.S.A. Mrs. Bennett had the opportunity to meet and explain to Mrs. Barclay the conditions under which she was brought to the United States. Following this meeting, negotiations for her return to Liberia were implemented, resulting in her return to Liberia and being reunited with her parents, who were Vai Tribe in South-West Liberia. The Haywood Mission Institute would later be founded on land Mrs. M.C. Bennett donated to the organization from the inheritance she received through her Liberian family. Mrs Bennett and Mrs Barclay were early members of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.

Since its inception, the Haywood Mission Institute has been molding the minds of young Liberians and foreign residents. HMI prepares students to become highly trained, productive, patriotic citizens and future leaders. HMI This institution is one of the oldest and most reputable educational institutions in the Republic of Liberia. The school was named Haywood in honor of Bishop G.T. Haywood, a renowned African American preacher of the Gospel, and founder of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Incorporated, who devoted his entire life to the welfare of humanity.
Recently the institution has expanded its campus and facilities so Liberian students will have a learning atmosphere in line with National Liberian standards.

The institute runs both a primary and secondary school. Haywood Mission Institute (HMI) is known as a credible school with quality education and discipline. Enrollment consists of 1100 students. The administration strives to present to its students modern technology, equipment, and materials needed for a superior learning experience. 

Bishop Leo Simpson oversees the operation of Haywood, serving as the school's administrator/principal. His wife Dr. Myra Simpson provides valuable assistance and leadership. Bishop Simpson is a native of Liberia. In addition to his role as administrator for Haywood Missions Institute, he also serves as the administrator of other P.A.W. properties in Liberia and as the Bishop of the 35th Episcopal District of the West African Council, for the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. 

The classroom teachers and staff are qualified facilitators who believe in educational excellence and Christian principles.

Haywood Mission Institute's parent company is the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Incorporated(PAW). Bishop Theodore Brooks is the CEO/Presiding Bishop of the organization. The International Missions Department of the PAW, oversees the school's administration. Dr. Kandy Morrell serves as the President of the International Missions Board of Directors.

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